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20 Easy Dog Treat Recipes Book

20 Easy Dog Treat Recipes Book

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Pamper your pooch with the tastiest home-made recipes ever & save money on packaged food. 

Do you have a hungry canine yelping at you to provide the best quality snacks and treats? 

Easy To Make: Each recipe takes less than 15 minutes to make! Try it over the weekends by picking out a new dog treat recipe each time, and you will be certified ‘’world’s greatest chef’’ by your dog!

Nutritious & Healthy: Packaged & processed food is not healthy for your dog's health. Feeding them a fresh food diet gives them the maximum dose of nutrients and vitamins.

We humans don’t deserve all the fun. While we stress about how to make dinner interesting, our furry friends often get treated to the same old meal, day in and day out. We can only imagine how boring that must be.

These DIY dog food recipes are simple, cheap, and sure to make your pup love you...even more than they already do.

A Few Recipes Include (20 Recipes Inside!):
Fruity Pupsicle
Healthy Salmon & Veggie Meal
Very-Berry Sorbet (Ideal for summer!)
Apple Topped Peanut Butter Bites...and many more!

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Simple to setup, take down & ransport

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